What’s in a name?

Someone on Twitter recently asked if a name change was in order after a divorce.  I quickly gave my response, but it prompted me to think about how my views on this subject have changed so much though out the years. I was 21 when I first married.  I, of course, changed my name immediately. … More What’s in a name?

Slim pickin’s?

I was recently having a conversation with an older friend of mine.  She is married and divorced twice, with grown children.  After a few glasses of wine, she began talking about her life and recent dating experiences.  I briefly told her my story and how my second marriage is…well, questionable.  Her first reaction was sadness, … More Slim pickin’s?

My decent…

I am what I like to call an AOL casualty.  Back in 1997, I was introduced to AOL and its dangerously addictive Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms.  This new and exciting phenomenon was like a drug put in front of our faces.  I partook of it like so many others.  There were no warning labels, … More My decent…

In the beginning…

As I begin my reflection on my first divorce, my first thoughts go to my childhood.  This is what created my personality to some extent, right?  How I learned to see myself and life determined how I came to everything.  I can get very metaphysical here, such as, I chose my next life to be … More In the beginning…

Social Media Freak-Out

Within the last month or two, I have started a blog and opened a Twitter account.  This is pretty major for me.  I own internet companies, I’ve developed websites, I’ve tackled the impossible Google advertising, etc, etc, but…I have somehow managed to avoid the beast of social media.  I recently quit my job (I worked … More Social Media Freak-Out

Being the One

Another day. Another fight. Why, why, why, can’t I just let go?  I do not want to bear the burden of being the one.  I do not want to utter those words again.  I’ve carried that burden before, being the one to have to tell another person that it’s over.  It rips your heart out … More Being the One

Time to Reflect

It has been over six years since my first divorce.  Only now am I able to revisit it.  From the beginning, I knew I would one day want to help others through the process; however, for a few years, I didn’t want to think about it.  I was tired of living, breathing divorce.  It was … More Time to Reflect

This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)

DP Challenge – Time for Poetry This Is Only A Test            You have placed upon me the burden of guilt. Like the mind of a child, you are unable to understand. Sitting in your pew, beaten up in the name of God the ordained old man regurgitating to his church how to think, what to … More This Is Only A Test – A Sestina (Time for Poetry Challenge)