Sharing Stories

I am very happy to present below, a guest blogger!  Dear Claire has been very generous in sharing her story and allowing me to post it here on my blog.  Please be sure to check out her beautiful blog where she is “Saving the planet, one green tip at a time.”    I have had … More Sharing Stories


This was my thought process the other day when I signed up for Facebook.  Maybe you’ll get a chuckle. Is my fear of Facebook natural?  Some people have a paralyzing fear of flying and crashing to the ground; well, my fear of Facebook is pretty close.  As some of you may know, I just started … More FaceBOOKED

The Rush

A complex simple presence Liquidness becomes me Red rushes as the river Drawn within its promise Sucked beneath its depths Breathless forgotten Void of care Sanity beseeches the air Light and mercy and reason appear ~ Chey